About Our Camp

We started camp in 2004 with great excitement, goals and aspirations!!!
Our goal was to bring girls and ponies/horses together in the summer to enjoy the outdoors.
The riding camp program caters to girls ages 5-16. It has been designed to build confidence, teach riding and horsemanship skills, and instill respect for the environment, while encouraging new friendships with other girls who share the same interest.

At River Edge Farm Riding Day Camp we believe that girls will greatly benefit from the interaction with ponies/horses, the environment and each other in a supportive, friendly and fun setting. Based in fun activities and adventures the girls will unwittingly develop a higher self-esteem and independence. Some of our main objectives are:

  • To offer the opportunity to learn, relax, and enjoy themselves
  • To give campers a fun-filled, safe, and healthy summer
  • To teach campers an appreciation and respect for the outdoors and nature
  • To give campers confidence and competence in social and recreational skills while creating a positive self-image.
Because we believe that each moment is a “teachable moment”, our program has been growing steadily since the first day. Our learning goals are adjusted for each and every camper in a group, based on individual needs. We offer a variety of activities to ensure a well-rounded program for girls to enjoy and learn. We strive to give girls the opportunity to:
• create a sense of community
• develop their own sense of healthy risk-taking
• foster resiliency and
• Be kind to themselves and to others.
River Edge Farm Riding Day Camp is the only riding day camp in New Jersey accredited by the American Camp Association and licensed by the State of New Jersey. ACA accreditation involves meeting over 300 standards for health and safety, site and facilities, program design and activities, risk management and operation management.


Responsibility not only accounts for a smooth running of camp but also sets campers and staff for a lifetime of success. Accountability and responsibility are a big part of the camp experience. Campers have age-appropriate responsibilities that teach accountability and help them develop healthy independence. A simple task of getting a horse/pony ready to ride, develops character and traits such as perseverance, responsibility and compassion. Those are life lessons campers can apply wherever they go.
Staff is trained to help campers understand how their own actions affect themselves and others.


We strive to provide the tools that allow campers to navigate something difficult (people and experiences) and move toward a positive action. We encourage resilience by having faith they will find their own solutions. We like to guide their plan to problem solving asking the right questions, offering different options to allow camper the chance of delivering her desired outcome.


We foster respect by demonstrating how we treat each other, how to communicate with each other, how to praise each other. Our camp is the place to discover the ability to have empathy and boundaries, to show tolerance, to learn to disagree in a respectful way.


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2024 Summer Camp Enrollment is Open

Address: 1575 River Road East Bedminster, NJ 07921    <>   Phone (908) 420-1274