Mylestone Fundraiser

Every other week on Friday, we will have a fundraiser for Mylestone Equine Rescue (

Throughout the camp session counselors will share information about this wonderful organization with the girls. They will talk about volunteerism, animal neglect and abuse, and ways to help and to be inspired by the people who run  these non-profit organizations.

Campers as a team will prepare lemonade  and cookies to sell to parents and friends. The girls love to decorate and set the lemonade stand. At the end of the summer River Edge  Polo Farm LLC will match funds raised by campers and send a check to Mylestone Equine Rescue. The girls have been featured in their newsletter and we are very proud to collectively participate in this fundraiser.

Last year  (2021) we sent a check for $1400!! A very successful fundraiser thanks to our amazing girls and their generous parents!

Tree Planting Ceremony

Campers who have attended camp for 3 years in a row,  get to plant their own tree at the farm. Campers learn about the specific tree to be planted and a tree name plate with the camper’s name and year is displayed by it.

We plant NJ native trees so they have more chances of survival and campers will be able to see their tree grow year after year!

Its wonderful to see camp alumni come to visit their tree! ❤️

Address: 1575 River Road East Bedminster, NJ 07921    <>   Phone (908) 420-1274